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Cellulite patches are an at home cellulite treatment! Cellulite is a word which all women fear.

Seen as the worst possible thing that you can have on your body, there is never a time where magazines aren’t pointing at some poor celebrity’s bumpy skin. So what can you do if you wake up one morning to find that orange peel effect all over your thighs?

There are a number of products designed to treat and get rid of cellulite. Many experts say that there isn’t a lot that you can do to eliminate the problem, but there are people who swear by certain products to help get rid of cellulite. Cellulite Patches are one particular product which hundreds of people try each year. But do they really work?

What are Cellulite Patches?

Anti Cellulite Patch The patch usually contains caffeine as a main ingredient. They look similar to smoking patches and you place them on the affected cellulite areas. The idea is to keep them on for around eight hours and the ingredients within them are released gradually over that period of time.

The caffeine is supposed to help to melt away the fat within the body. Dermatologists use caffeine when they are giving liposuction procedures and they use it for the very same reason – it does effectively help to melt away the fat.

There certainly seems to be some truth to this as many people have reported that their skin does feel like it is burning when they put the patch on. However the main thing which most people want to know is: Do they work?

How Effective is the Cellulite Patch?

Patches seem to have mixed reviews. Some people say that they have noticed a dramatic difference in their skin, while others have said that it has improved the skin a little, there is still a lot of room for further cellulite treatment to get rid of it. There are many different brands of patches, and some seem to be more effective than others for different people.

Some experts are claiming that the reason why people do see some results from the patches is because they cause the skin to swell up slightly. This reduces the look of the cellulite initially, but once the swelling goes back down the cellulite starts to appear once again. So if the ingredients within the cellulite patches are the same as those used for liposuction, why are they not generally as effective?

The main reason why the patch differ from liposuction and other treatments is that obviously there is no surgery involved, and it is a topical application. This means that the ingredients in the patches have to go through the skin to the affected area. With surgeries, the ingredients are applied directly to the problem area which obviously provides faster results. The fact that the ingredients have to pass through the layers of skin first means that the results are not always overly effective.

Also another thing to remember is that once the cellulite has been melted down, if you continue to eat the same things as you were before, then it is likely to come back worse than it did before. So you will also have to make a few lifestyle changes if you want to keep the cellulite reduced. Diet and excercise are key to keeping those nasty dimples and bumps at bay! One of the most effective cellulite treatments is increasing blood flow to the area through cellulite massagers and excercise.

Cellulite Patch Results

The patch certainly seem to provide some results, but generally they are shorter term results than you would get with other cellulite remedies. If you do not make any real lifestyle changes then you will not eliminate the cellulite for good, if anything it will come back worse than it was before. So only try them out if you plan on exercising more and cutting down on the fatty foods which you usually consume.

There are many different ways to combate cellulite, and sometimes it takes a combination of a few methods to get your desired results. Take your time to browse this site and check out a few of the different methods for treating cellulite. One of them is sure to help you on your way to a more beautiful appearance.

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